Choosing a seat for your next flight

Almost all airlines now have online check-in facility. With this service, you can choose your own seat. Do it before the flight and make yourself comfortable. Don’t forget to also pay attention to the rules keselamatan keamanan penerbangan.

Few tips for choosing a seat:

Do not choose a seat on the front. It is usually the chair at the forefront has a wider leg area. But keep in mind, the seat on the front is usually filled by family or parents, who could be carrying a baby or traveling in a large group. If you sit between them, you may be disturbed by the sound of the baby crying or trapped between family chats.

Choose a seat near the wings of the plane, because, at the time of turbulence, the area near the wing of the plane is classified more secure, so you will not feel too much vibration.

Do not choose a chair adjacent to the toilet location. In long-haul flights, passengers will definitely need a toilet. You may be disturbed by the frequent opening-close of the door or the frenzy of people passing by and lining up.