Is There Something Wrong When You Get Nothing from Your Muscle Building Program?

For those who are striving for getting the different body shape, having the muscular body, or want to benefit from the health advantage of growing muscle, they may focus on implementing muscle building tips . Sure, by simply doing the research, they can find so many articles that talk about the tips of muscle growth. Of course, each of you may want to boost the growth of muscle, but first off ensure you ask yourself what your reasons are to grow the muscle mass. Not only that, you also need to know why some individuals can’t build the muscle while they’ve spent few weeks working out. This kind of information will help you boost the chance to grow the muscle. The following are the reasons why some people have the difficulties in building the muscle.

Not enough protein to eat

Proteins contain amino acids, compounds that help build and repair muscle tissue. If you do not consume enough amino acids, this can inhibit muscle growth. Well, if you are a man weighing 80 pounds, it would be better to consume between 109 and 154 grams of protein every day. Protein is not limited to chicken, fish, red meat, and eggs only, vegetable proteins such as nuts contain eight of the amino acids the body needs to move the muscles.

Too much cardio

While cardio is great for burning fat, but if it’s too often, you can put your body into a catabolism or muscle-burning phase. If your goal is to increase muscle size and strength, cardio exercise should still be done but not dominate your program. HIIT exercises and cardio sessions can be incorporated into the program, but the first priority is weight training for three or four days of exercise per week.

Consume more than 1 glass a week

When you drink alcohol, your body will use antioxidants which should be used for muscle growth to metabolize alcohol. If you want all the hard work in the gym to pay off efficiently, stop drinking altogether or limit yourself to one glass per week.