These three fatal mistakes killed law-firms in the digital era


If a lawyer wants to run a legal services business well in the digital age, then there are some mistakes that they must avoid in marketing their business. Aside from hiring the reliable lawyer SEO services, the fatal mistakes that can ruin their business must be avoided at all cost.

Here are the things they should avoid to market the law firm business in the digital age:

First, think not to have a presence online or presence (existence) law firm it in the online world. He explains that not wanting to appear online and deem it unnecessary is the first mistake of most lawyers. Moreover, if they already have some referral clients and experience.

Why do they need a presence online because now people are easy to use gadgets to find the information they need. As we want to find the address, okay, just google it! Then google allows us to find the address, and now the trend already like that. It’s also looking for the law firm, people usually browsing about divorce cases, or how the case of divorce cases in court through lawyers, they all have used the internet.

The second mistake is that lawyers consider writing marketing strategy as an unnecessary activity because they assume enough skill in the field of law only.

Marketing strategy is necessary because although the practice of a lawyer is in the field of law to manage the business of legal services it needs a strategy. And one area that needs to be developed strategy is this marketing strategy.

the third mistake is they do not understand the journey of the client (buyer’s journey). “Buyer’s journey is someone’s journey before he becomes a client. So, before becoming a client usually become a visitor first, then become a person who asked first, we know the name leads, then he okay he finally became a client, “he explained.

Well, this marketing journey must be understood by every lawyer or manager of a law firm because by understanding finally, we can educate that he did not understand so understand, who did not believe so believe until finally he recruited then hire law firm it.