Invest your pension fund with the right instrument

The tendency of us to choose safe investments such as money market and fixed income. But the rotation does not give optimal results. If you are young and actively working then choose an aggressive instrument such as stock instruments. Stock instruments can produce very high returns of up to 25%. Expected when retirement to get optimal results. In the meantime, you can go to and hire the trusted financial planners near you.

After you invest do not forget to monitor your pension investment, it would be better if you get a monthly report from an investment company that manages your pension fund. Evaluation is used to provide information to you whether the instrument needs to be replaced in part or all so that the pension funds you get can be maximized.

Before you invest then remember the following things:

1 Learn the product

2 Recognize your risk profile

3. Do not invest in instruments you do not understand

4. Always discipline to set aside some of your funds to invest

When we are late preparing the pension fund, suppose we are now 40 years old and we retire at the age of 55 is certainly more severe repayment than we prepare the pension fund since the age of 25 years. The earlier we set up the pension fund then the installment is getting lighter. The closer to retirement time the installment is also heavier.

The earlier the better. When we first work and receive a salary, then we should have started preparing or planning a pension fund. Because the earlier we prepare the pension fund the installment of the investment we pay more lightly.