How To Take Care Of Leather Belt To Be Durable?

Fashion accessories from the skin are something that does not fade despite the ever-changing era. Precisely fashion that comes from the skin is very popular, both by men and women. Of course the selection of these accessories useful to support the appearance. Well, one that must be owned is a leather belt. Where when you wear it, your appearance will look more trendy and fashionable. Get pasek męski by visiting our website now.

However, unfortunately not many people understand how to care for accessories made of leather, especially a belt. Even so, do not be discouraged because we will provide easy tips for you. Then, how to care for leather belts to last?

– Make sure the cleanliness
You must ensure the cleanliness of leather belt after use in a long period of time. Skin belts will be more easily exposed to dirt so you should be diligent to clean it regularly. Maybe you are a little wondering how to clean the belt? Actually, a leather belt is rarely washed even though it is allowed to wash, of course, the right way. First, you must provide a clean cloth with a little cleaning fluid, then wash with running water.

– Dry Belt before Storing
When finished cleaning the belt of all kinds of dirt, the next step you should pass is to dry it. A bit difficult indeed because you must avoid direct sunlight because if the leather belt exposed to sunlight in a long time will damage the skin and elasticity. Do not be exposed to direct sunlight.

– Avoid Damp Places
Material that comes from the skin does have a strong character and durable. However, that does not mean you are free to save at will regardless of whether the place is safe or not. You must ensure the belt storage area in dry and cool conditions, avoid the area moist because it will facilitate the emergence of fungus. If the belt is exposed to the fungus then gradually the skin will become increasingly fragile and damaged. One of the most appropriate options for a leather belt to remain durable is to store it in a special box. You can make the box with carton or buy ready-made. Do not forget to always roll the belt before it is stored in the box.