These Some Parts Of Car You Should Check In Three Months

The car you use would require proper maintenance because there are various components that you need to pay attention to. One of them is the battery. The battery can also be damaged for several reasons. Then you should find the best heavy duty car battery charger for dead battery . Aki on the vehicle should always pay attention because it can affect the various components that exist.

Treatment on various components of the car should be done once in three months. There are several parts of the car that need maintenance every three months. Some of these parts are

– Oil and filters
For each owner of the car, the oil would be an important part of the vehicle to function properly. So, the oil must be replaced every three months and of course, you have to use the right oil and fit your machine. In addition to oil, you also check for filters. Usually, there is a clogged filter. If the filter is blocked, it can not make oil flow properly.

– Power steering fluid
If you’ve experienced heavy power steering, it’s because the hose is dry or because the power steering fluid is getting used up. This discharge of fluid can cause the power steering to buzz and vibrate. If there are problems like this immediately do checks. If the problems on fluid steering power, then replace it immediately by taking it to the official workshop that is around you.

– Fluid transmission
This fluid serves as a hydraulic system in the car. This liquid is of course owned by a manual or matic car. The replacement can be done manually, but you have to understand what happens to the fluid, for leakage problem usually the fluid is at the point below add or cold writing.

– Battery
Batteries include car parts that have liquid. Choose bathing water that believes you have a good quality. If the battery water owned by the car quickly decreases then there is damage that you should check in it.