Understand these before you rent a hosting service

Lots of web hosting that offers facilities – all unlimited facilities. Could it be? Obviously not. Everything that is technical always takes into account the limits of technical ability. Meanwhile, perhaps you need to go to bestwebhostingproviders.net/inmotion-hosting-coupons to get a lot of coupons and discounts for hosting services.

Unlimited Space: obviously not possible, whatever hardisk there is always a limit quota space

Unlimited Traffic: all servers placed in the datacenter have traffic limits from the datacenter. In addition, websites with large traffic are definitely using higher CPU resources. So the promises of unlimited traffic are clearly no longer rational!
Unlimited Database: one thing is for sure, a large database or a large number of databases will take up CPU resources in very large units. Consequently, the server will hang or interfere with its performance during CPU usage by excess customers. As a result, the server will be down and your website will, of course, be a victim

Is it a reseller hosting or not?

One of the most economical ways to start a web hosting business is to become a web hosting reseller because it does not need to finance the server itself. But what are the risks for customers?
What are clear resellers will never be able to manage to host accounts easily because the highest access is only owned by the server owner? As a result, technical requests such as file ownership change requests, e-mail troubleshooting, DNS propagation, and many other things cannot be served quickly because they have to wait for the server owner to take action.